Abrasive Blasting Systems

Sistema de granallado

An alternative to chemical pretreatment is mechanical surface treatment. This process  blasts abrasive media against the substrate to achieve a high grade of cleanliness prior to application of the paint or coating.

Our experience enables us to develop solutions for continuous or batch production by incorporating a dust collector system, a recovery system, and abrasive blasting equipment within a complete solution. Likewise, we are able to integrate independent equipment according to the needs of our clients.

Dust collector system for low and high production

The dust collector module provides a safe and effective means for the abrasive blasting process. With the help of a fan and a direct activation engine, the air flows into the module and through a cartridge filtration system. Dust is captured to subsequently expel the air, completely clean.


Abrasive recovery system

The recovery of the media in the abrasive blasting process allows it to be reused and saves money on media purchases.

Our team has expertise in the supply, installation, and implementation of recovery systems such as:

  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic recovery
  • Conveyor recovery
  • Helical screw recovery
  • Pallet recovery

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