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ANAEROBIA supplies booths for the application of paint designed according to the highest quality and environmental protection standards. Our vast experience in the selection and installation of paint application equipment enables us to offer standard booths as well as the custom booths with parameter controls like temperature, relative humidity, and air velocity.

We provide small booths for the application of liquid paint and powder coating, as well as paint booths for large parts like those in the aerospace and rail industries.


The following characteristics are standard with GFS open face booths. These booths are ideal for batch painting with low production volume. Avoid waste by only replacing the filters that need to be changed. An included manometer indicates when the filters need to be replaced.


Air flows in a horizontal direction through the booth, flowing from the front, carrying the overspray to the back of the booth where the exhaust chamber filters are located.


These booths do not require a pit. Air enters the booth through the filter plenum and flows downwards, carrying the overspray. When the air reaches the floor, it is expelled through the exhaust chambers at floor level on both sides of the booth.


Air enters the booth through a filter plenum which corresponds to a third of the booth ceiling and flows downwards, carrying the overspray. The air is exhausted through chambers in the rear of the booth. This type of booth is a hybrid of the cross-draft and downdraft booths as it combines characteristics of both.


Generally recognized as the design with the best air flow, it does an excellent job controlling overspray and contamination. Air enters the booth through a ceiling filter plenum that is the complete length of the booth and flows in a vertical direction carrying the overspray. When the air reaches the floor, it is expelled through the exhaust pit.


Spray booths with water provide an extremely efficient environment for eliminating paint particles in the air during the exhaust process. These spray booths are an ideal choice for meeting health, fire prevention, and building codes. Water curtain booths are well-suited for high volume coating usage,  typically more than five gallons per day, per square foot of area.


Booths for powder coating application, with or without a recovery system, are ideal for both conveyor systems and batch operations. Powder coating is an efficient process that provides a high-quality finish, reduces operating costs, and minimizes contamination of surrounding areas. Dust collection modules integrated in the booth recovery system feature high efficiency filters that capture overspray and are cleaned in a pulse system resulting in a longer filter life cycle.

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