In line with the established Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in the Possession of Private Parties (the law), the current PRIVACY NOTICE is made available, in the following terms: 

Responsible use and protection of personal data: 

For us the processing of your personal data is of vital importance, for this reason “ANAEROBIA” S.A. DE C.V., which will from here on in be referred to as “ANAEROBIA”, located at Paseo Sinfonía, No. 5, Plaza Jazz, interior L-3-12, Lomas de Angelópolis II, San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, Z.C. 72830; as responsible party for the processing of personal data, we advise that the information of our clients is treated in a strictly confidential manner so that providing your personal data such as: 

  • Full Name.
  • Formation of Company Documents.
  • Legal representatives.
  • Address.
  • Office and Mobile Telephone Numbers.
  • Email Addresses.
  • Bank accounts information
  • Governments institutions documents

These details will be protected in accordance to the law. 

Security and confidentiality measures taken in regards to the information:    

“ANAEROBIA” is committed to implementing the physical, administrative and technological security measures necessary to protect your personal information from damage, loss, alteration, destruction or the use, access or processing by unauthorized parties.

Similarly, “ANAEROBIA” and its employees in charge of the processing of your data through their work or those that intervene at any phase of the processing, are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information, including once the relation with yourself has ended.

Purposes of the handling of data:

The personal information that “ANAEROBIA” collects is used for:

  • The production of documents (contracts, agreements, purchase orders, etc.)
  • Monitoring the business relationship
  • Updating our database

Use, disclosure and rights A.R.C.O:

All personal information is treated under confidentiality regulations, meaning that you as the owner of such, reserve the right of: access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the processing that we carry out, whereby, you are able to exercise your rights, in verbal form in the moment in which you are informed of this notice, or after by means of email 

Once your request to exercise the rights of A.R.C.O (Access, Rectification, Cancellation or Opposition) is received by the means mentioned above, we will provide the respective answer within a 20 working day period.  Once you have received the response, you will have 15 working days in order to respond; in the event that you do not respond to the answer given by ‘ANEROBIA’ within the indicated timescale, it will be understood that you are satisfied with the answer provided.

Transmission of data:

We inform you that all the contracts, agreements and other documents with third parties that imply the processing of your confidential information for and on behalf of “ANAEROBIA”, will include a clause guaranteeing that they adhere to the same level of data protection as referred to in the law, hereby committing ourselves to the fulfillment of the principals outlined in these guidelines for the protection of personal data, expressing our commitment to respect this privacy notice at all times.

“ANAEROBIA” can pass on your personal information to their external consultants in case of any legal controversy that arises in connection with the provision of services or the business relationship you have with “ANAEROBIA” or its affiliates.

Changes in the Privacy Notice:

This Privacy Notice may be modified at any time by “ANAEROBIA”, given that they notify the users that have already provided their information by means of email to the address they made known to us at the time.

Last update: 01 / jun / 2023